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The Silence of the Lambs



The Silence of the Lambs
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Silence of the Lambs is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It has everything - it's scary, there are lots of plot twists, but unlike some horror movies, it has emotional substance, and the acting is creditable.

Jodie Foster portrays Clarise Starling, a young FBI agent in training. Her boss sends her to visit Hannibal Lechter, a psychiatrist turned cannibal, who may have information on Buffalo Bill, the serial killer they are currently tracking. In an attempt to retrieve information from him, Clarisse is forced to recount troubling incidents from her past (What else would you expect from a psychotic psychiatrist?). He gives her information in riddles, and she has to track down every little clue.

One thing I like is that Foster isn't one of those all-too-common actresses who just stands around and looking gorgeous - she has tremendous acting ability. The other actors give excellent performances as well - especially the actor (Anthony Hopkins) who plays Lechter. Crazy people are such interesting characters - and the complicated plot is brilliant.

My Rating = Four Stars

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