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The Silence of the Hams



The Silence of the Hams
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So I walk into the video store in a hurry. I'd like to be home in time to catch Home Improvement, so I'm simultaneously trying to eat a veggie sandwich and pick out some videos at the same time - and fast. Recalling that someone recommended Silence of the Lambs, I hunt it down, grabbing a copy from the shelf the second I see it without glancing twice at the box.

As it turns out, I got the "rip-off-from" version, Silence of the Hams, and I still have no idea whether or not Silence of the Lambs lives up to its hype. However, the rip-off is pretty amusing, considering that I never saw the film it was ripping off!

Actually, it seemed more like a rip-off of Psycho - a secretary steals money from her boss and runs away to the "Cemetery Motel", run by a Norman Bates type creep. Her boyfriend, who happens to be an FBI agent named Jo Dee Fostar follows, along with her sister, who looks like Marilyn Monroe. There are many hilarious mishaps, and a cameo by John Astin, better known as the head of the Adams Family (which is also mimicked in this film).

But the best part doesn't come until the end, when almost everyone pulls off a mask and turns out to be someone else. This is sheer comic genius. And the acting turns out to be rather good for a movie with such a silly premise.

So I never did get to see Silence of the Lambs, but I did get to see a hysterically amusing film . Next time I will tear my attention away from my sandwich long enough to be sure I get the right movie, though.

My Rating = Three Stars

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