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Sibling Rivalry



Sibling Rivalry
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Kristie Alley stars in the hilarious film Sibling Rivalry.

Alley plays a woman who once dreamed of becoming a writer. Instead, she married a doctor, and finds that her life is now more or less run by his family members - all doctors. At her younger sister's advice, Alley has an affair with a man she meets in a grocery store. After they have sex, he suddenly drops dead of a heart attack! Panicked, Alley leaves the hotel room as quickly as possible - tripping in the hallway and dropping her wallet. A window-blind salesman finds it and goes into her hotel room, not noticing the dead body - well, not until he drops it on the guy's head. Naturally, he assumes that this is what killed the man, and calls Alley, assuming that the man is her husband (he notices that they have the same last name). Well, wouldn't you know it, he happens to be her brother-in-law whom she never met and was expecting at a dinner party that night!

Well, you can tell that this one just gets funnier and funnier, and more complicated! I laughed continuously through this screwball comedy, and definitely recommend it as a terrific rental.

My Rating = Three Stars

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