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Get Shorty
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Danny Devito is perhaps not the best actor in the world, but John Travolta's definitely up there, and he makes Get Shorty enjoyable, with help from Rene Russo and a rather stale but convincing Gene Hackman.

Devito has some marvelous scenes as an overly egotistical actor (the Shorty referred to in the title). Travolta, who excels at playing bad guys, is Chili Palmer, a mobster turned movie producer. Karen Flores (Rene Russo) portrays an actress who hopes to help co-produce his film, and possibly act in it as well.

This is a little confusing, since this is the plot of a movie itself, but that makes it interesting. (Unfortunately, I caught the tail end of this movie long before I watched the whole thing, so I knew the surprise ending.) Despite this mistake on my part, it was still satisfying to watch Travolta crack one-liners like no one else can, and Russo and Devito snap some snappy lines too. Though confusing, the plot is quite original, for a mafia movie, and this remains a great movie rental.

My Rating = Three Stars

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