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Shine is a true, intriguing story about a talented but disturbed young pianist in Australia. Under his father's thumb, David Helfgott learns to play the piano - and develops a remarkable talent. Although he is invited to join many famous colleges abroad, his father refuses to allow David to leave. Finally, David does insist on going away to the prestigious Royal College of Music in London - and his father disowns him.

Despite the fact that he is finally away from his half-crazed father, David's mental health continues to deteriorate. In one humorous scene, David goes out to get his mail - with absolutely no pants on!

Desperate to win an upcoming competition, David works night and day, practicing the difficult piano concerto, Rachmaninoff the 3rd. At the competition, he performs the piece perfectly, but then cracks up and is sent to the looney bin - literally. The rest of the movie depicts his life in the asylum - and eventually out again - and to his life as a musician today.

Following the ups and downs of David Helfgott's life becomes a strange but fascinating road. That's why I recommend this movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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