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She's All That



She's All That
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She's All That was amusing to a point, but the plot was ridiculously obvious. It reminded me of Can't Hardly Wait, a similarly stupid, vastly inaccurate Generation X depiction that was, strangely enough, rather entertaining in a bang-your-head-against-the-wall sort of way. The difference is She's All That was slightly less comically dense, which perhaps is why I was bored. (Can't Hardly Wait, for all its faults, at least held my attention, probably because it was too bad to be boring.)

But I'll stop meandering and get to my point. Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze, Jr., star as a couple of teenagers who attend the same high school but are worlds apart. She is a shy, sensitive artist from a working class family; he's a rich, outgoing, rather obnoxious member of the school's "in" group.

If you can't already tell that they will be a happy couple by the end of the movie, you must never have seen a movie before.

She's All That does contain some diverting comedy as well as a few marginally interesting subplots, but this doesn't detract from the basic plot: a corny, by the book movie romance.

My Rating = Two Stars

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