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Isn't She Great?
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Isn't She Great is an easy, laughable comedy about real life author Jackie Suzanne.

Jackie (Bette Midler) desperately desired to be a famous actress in the 1950's, but her career went nowhere - even with the help of her agent - who also happened to be her devoted, doting husband (Nathan Lane). Finally, he suggested she write a book - "Just write about what you know".

What Jackie knew was show business - especially the less publicized sleazy side of show business. It was a natural move for her to write a deeply, profane novel about actresses overdosing on pills and sleeping with directors to win roles. (Probably, her best friend and actress - comically portrayed by Stockard Channing - was the basis of a few book characters.)

Unfortunately, the first few publishers Jackie approached said no to her book - they decided it was too sensational. Eventually, she found a publisher to print the book, and, thanks to a great publicity campaign, it became a bestseller.

Audio VersionThe hilarious comedy is tempered by some serious scenes - (Jackie is depressed because her only son is autistic, and later she gets cancer), that are skillfully performed. But overall, "Isn't She Great?" is the perfect movie, if you're looking for a good laugh.

My Rating = Four Stars

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