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Sarcastic and witty Roseanne Barr stars in She-Devil a boisterously entertaining comedy about a she-devil.

Barr plays overweight Ruth, who attends a big dinner party with her accountant husband (Ed Begley, Jr.) and meets famous romance novelist Mary Fisher (Meryl Streep). She clumsily spills wine on Fisher, and her husband feels so badly about it that he offers to drive Fisher home.

As Ruth later reflects, while waiting up for him, "Mary Fisher is pretty, rich, and thin. Fortunately, I can trust my husband." Actually she can't, and is smart enough to know it. When he leaves her for Fisher (after an amusing dinner table scene with his parents) she decides to get revenge. First, she burns down their house (now that's bordering on psychotic!) and, then sends their two children to live with him in Fisher's immaculate mansion. Finally she sets out to destroy his career, and inadvertently creates one for herself, and many other women.

She-Devil is terrifically funny and well acted. While it's a little extreme at times (such as when she burns the house down) and certainly isn't realistic, it's still engaging, and definitely worth renting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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