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Shall We Dance



Shall We Dance
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Shall We Dance is a different kind of movie. It's imported from Japan, which means that you have to read the words at the bottom of the screen to know what the actors are babbling about. (I find this rather annoying, wish they'd have just read the translation aloud so I wouldn't have to get eyestrain.) Yet, it's still an original movie, with a catchy plot.

Slightly depressed, Mr. Saginara starts taking ballroom dancing lessons without telling his wife because it is considered quite embarrassing to enjoy dancing in Japan, particularly if you're a man. He also has a crush on a beautiful, but cold and distant, young teacher at his school. His wife smells an affair but instead of confronting him, - I guess Japanese wives don't "have-it-out" - she hires a private detective to find out what her husband is up to.

This movie has very little swearing - apparently Japanese people are much more polite than Americans are on screen - but enough of a plot, and enough facetious scenes keep you interested.

My Rating = Three Stars

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