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Shakespeare in Love



Shakespeare in Love
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Shakespeare in Love is a delightful English romance set in the fifteen hundreds.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Viola, a gorgeous woman of noble birth whose father plans to marry her to a lord she doesn't like. She does like going to the theatre, and soon falls in love with playwright William Shakespeare. He soon turns his new comedy play into a tragedy, basing it on his relationship with Viola. (Incidentally, I wondered how much of this movie was based in fact, since Shakespeare was a real person. According to one source, most of the characters were real, as were some of the events, but not much is known of Shakespeare's life.)

I thoroughly enjoyed Shakespeare in Love. Aside from the wonderful romance story, there was a little humor, and all the actors were fantastic. While I thought it was more of a woman's movie, I do know one male critic who says he would put it on his top ten movies list for 1998. I loved this film, and thoroughly recommend it.

My Rating = Four Stars

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