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Here's something I noticed about all nutty-professor-with-a-guinea-pig type movies: the magic potion is always a glow-in-the-dark liquid, and the guinea pig is always an imbecile to begin with.

So begins Senseless, an idiotic film about a college student named Darryl (Marlon Wayans). In an attempt to pay his way through college and help support his poor family, Darryl tries to make money in every possible way. He even donates blood several times (in one day!) under different names - until he collapses from blood loss.

Then a college professor hires him to try an experimental new drug designed to enhance the senses. If Darryl completes the experiment, he receives $3,000. Giddy with the prospect of having so much money he exclaims, "For three thousand dollars you can inject me with the Ebola virus!"

Once his senses are magnified, he has an advantage over everyone else (including a rival student played by Martin Short, who is way too old to be portraying a college student)- or does he? It turns out that this is rather irritating, and Darryl winds up in one bad situation after another. This is the kind of mindless comedy that either makes you laugh or puts you in the insane asylum. If you are mentally unstable, don't risk it. Otherwise, see Senseless and enjoy it!

My Rating = Two Stars

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