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Sense and Sensibility



Sense and Sensibility
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Although movies based on novels slated as classics usually aren't my forte, I thoroughly enjoyed the new movie, Sense and Sensibility.

Handsome Hugh Grant sets off the complicated, well-written plot as Edward Ferris, the charming, rich, young bachelor that penniless Miss Eleanor Dashwood falls for in a big way. Unfortunately, Miss Dashwood learns that Edward is secretly engaged to another woman - and has been secretly engaged for four years. Eleanor's heart is broken.

Meanwhile, Eleanor's younger sister, Mariann, accidentally meets a man named Willoughby. She falls for him in a big way and, is soon maddened to learn that her guy - Willoughby - is in love with another woman. Not only that, but a much older neighbor is expressing a romantic interest in her.

The movie is made even more enthralling by Miss Jeninngs, your stereotypical big, fat, busybody.

Definitely see this delightfully classic movie to find out. It's such a treasure of a movie, mmm... I think I'll read the book now....

My Rating = Three Stars

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