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Pet Sematary



Pet Sematary
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Stephen King's Pet Sematary is flawless except for the obviously intentional spelling error in its title. I watched this film the night before Samhain - an old word for Halloween - when the line between living and dead is supposed to be thinnest.

What a night I picked to watch a movie about dead people - and animals - that don't stay dead.

A doctor, Louis, and his family, move into a new home, which is rather close to a "pet cemetery" for animals. His new neighbor Judd Crandall helps Louis bury his daughter Ellie's cat.

But they don't use the pet cemetery - instead, they use an old Indian burial ground, and the cat soon comes back to life - its personality is just a bit altered.

Later, when Louis' son Gage is killed, Louis buries him. He, too, comes back - with some rather violent tendencies - this reminded me of the Chucky films.

You don't have to watch Pet Sematary on the night before Halloween to enjoy a spooky, well thought out thriller. I'd gladly watch this film again anytime. The acting was terrific, and I especially enjoyed the cameo by Fred Ward, whom you might remember from The Munsters - he was the perfect supporting actor.

My Rating = Four Stars

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