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See no Evil, Hear no Evil



See no Evil, Hear no Evil
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See No Evil, Hear No Evil deserves points, at least for originality - you've got a blind guy and a deaf guy running from the law - and they are trying to catch the criminals who set them up. What could be a better foundation for a comedy?

The blind man, Wally (Richard Pryor), meets up with the deaf man, David (Gene Wilder), and they decide to go into business together. Suddenly, Wally's bookie gets murdered, and David and Wally are the only witnesses. David didn't hear the shot fired, but he saw the woman who did it - from the back. Wally, who was outside at the time, heard the shot, but of course he didn't see anything. Now they are held responsible for the murder, but cleverly manage to break out of jail.

In one funny scene, Wally tries to drive a car during a high-speed chase, and you can imagine how hysterical it is. Then David, who is handcuffed, tries to switch seats with Wally so he can drive. Wally climbs over David, obstructing his view, and David yells, "I can't see!" "Neither can I!" retorts Wally, and they continue to swerve all over the road.

Rent this hilarious comedy for a good laugh and some great acting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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