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Scream 2



Scream 2
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This is clever. This is very, very clever. Scream 2, the sequel to this summer's smash hit Scream, is based on the premise of a movie within a movie - and that movie is the first movie. Still with me?

In, Scream 2, the second movie, a movie is made based on the events of the first movie. The movie spurs a sequence of copycat murders - committed, once again, by a Halloween costume clad crazed killer. The usual murder-mystery question arises: whodunit? Sydney, one of the few intended victims to survive the first killing spree, is desperate to find out. Is it Gale Weathers (splendidly portrayed by Courtney Cox), the snoopy reporter who also miraculously survived the first killing spree? Or Dwight "Duey", the cop who saved her life (and whose sister died in the last movie as well)? Is it someone entirely different, such as Sydney's new boyfriend?

Scream 2 is not only thrilling, but funny - the whole thing was a delightful combination of scares and laughs.

Another interesting aspect of this movie is the fact that it debates the question of whether or not movies can have such profound effects as to cause people to commit murder. (Personally, I think if someone's already that disturbed, a movie isn't going to have much effect either way, and people should stop blaming Hollywood.)

I wasn't the only person to thoroughly enjoy this movie: the entire audience was clapping and cheering during several scenes, and I can't remember the last time I saw such audience participation at a movie. And yes, there is a surprise ending.

Let me end on this note: Scream 2 is a real scream - even more so than the first movie.

My Rating = Four Stars

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