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Scream is a scream. This horrifically wonderful bloodbath of a movie is perfect for Halloween night - or anytime.

A high school student named Casey is brutally murdered, mutilated, and left hanging from a tree. Sydney Prescott, another high school student, whose mother was murdered a year earlier, is targeted next, alone at home- just like Casey was. When Sydney's boyfriend shows up unannounced, the killer is scared away, but is still on the loose. By that night, several more people have been murdered. Sydney, her boyfriend, and her friend Tatum attend a party where everyone gets drunk while watching horror movies; naturally, the killer makes an appearance. Meanwhile, a snoopy reporter looks for the scoop - and gets more than she bargained for.

This classic "whodunit" mystery is comically gory in some scenes, and unoriginal in others, but at no point is the ending obvious. The everybody-stabbing-everybody-blood-all-over-the-place chaos at the end gets a little old, but what can you expect? It's a horror movie, and a darn good one.

My Rating = Three Stars

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