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Mr. Saturday Night



Mr. Saturday Night
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Billy Crystal is Mr. Saturday Night.

He is, of course, a droll standup comedian who, at the beginning of the movie, is an old man. His career is now limited to doing comedy routines at senior centers, and he resents the fact that his brother, who has always been his manager, has decided to retire. Also, he still feels that he can get his career going again.

The movie repeatedly flashes back to various points in his life - his first stage appearance, his chance on the Ed Sullivan Show, when he met the woman he would later marry, etc. In all these scenes, the audience has a chance to note that his brother always plays second fiddle - also a comic, he was too scared to get up on stage so his brother went on alone, and was successful. Mr. Saturday Night gets the girl, even though his brother was interested in her.

Mr. Saturday Night was an interesting and thoughtful comedy. Crystal's acting was commendable, even in the less comical and more serious aspects of the film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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