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Saturday Night Fever



Saturday Night Fever
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Saturday Night Fever one of John Travolta's better movies from the seventies was made before he became forty and you can truly enjoy the handsome young Travolta here.

Travolta plays a young man who loves to dance but can't find a partner for an upcoming contest. One girl wants to dance with him, but he snubs her. In turn, the beautiful girl he does want as a partner - and a girlfriend - snubs him. Finally, she does agree to dance with him, but makes it clear she still doesn't want to date him. Meanwhile, his family berates him for not being more like his perfect older brother, Frank Jr., a priest. As it turns out, Frank hates being a priest and decides to leave the priesthood, much to the family's disappointment.

It's fun to watch Travolta dance - no one can do it better - and the old seventies music has a great beat. Saturday Night Fever's subplots are so diverting, it's almost as good as Grease.

My Rating = Three Stars

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