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The Santa Clause



Santa Clause
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Due mostly to Tim Allen's noisily merry comic genius, the Santa Clause movie is charmingly entertaining.

Allen plays Scott Calvin, a divorced dad whose young son is spending Christmas Eve with him. In the middle of the night, his son wakes him shouting, "Dad, dad, there's reindeers on the roof!" Scott is dragged outside by his persistent son, only to discover that Santa has died leaving behind a suit and a note instructing Scott to take over his job (that's the Santa Clause). This prompts Scott to wisecrack, "Great, there's a nude guy who thinks he's Santa running around the neighborhood."

Later, however, Allen begins noticing strange changes that lead him to believe he IS Santa after all: for example, he gains a LOT of weight, due to his new insatiable appetite. Naturally, his son has complete faith that he is Santa.

Viewing this movie (again!) makes me look forward to Allen's upcoming film For Richer or Poorer even more.

My Rating = Three Stars

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