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Salem's Lot



Salem's Lot
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For a movie based on a Stephen King novel, Salem's Lot was something of a disappointment. I didn't dislike this film; I was just expecting it to be a bit less...clichéd.

A writer returns to his hometown of Salem to research his next book (the subject of which we learn little about for most of the movie). He starts a romance with a woman he meets and visits his old drama teacher, who inspired him to become a writer.

But then, the strange happenings of all horror movies begins. Several local children disappear, and one is murdered in his hospital room after initially being attacked by a vampire. Of course all eyes point to the new storeowner, who often wears black and calls for some strange night deliveries.

The vampire attack scenes look so terribly familiar. The vampire opens his mouth, looks menacing, makes a hissing sound, and sinks his fangs into his victim's neck. The camera freezes on this shot for effect - unsuccessfully.

It's really too bad that King let the producers turn this excellent story into so much cheesy horror trivia. Still, Salem's Lot is worth renting - just don't expect the same amount of entertainment you'd get reading the book.

My Rating = Two Stars

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