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Rushmore is a semi-moronic, yet rather diverting film about a fifteen- year- old prep school student named Max Fisher (Jason Schwartzman).

Max pulls some ridiculous stunts at his school, Rushmore, and eventually he is expelled. First, however, he tries to romance his teacher, Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams) , who is obviously at least ten years his senior. (This part just screams Dawson's Creek.) Additionally, he starts or joins every club he can imagine, which, perhaps, is why his grades could be better. When he attempts to make some huge changes to the school's grounds (namely move the baseball field and install a huge aquarium) it's the last straw. He is kicked out of Rushmore and booted to a public high school.

Later he learns that his friend Herman (Bill Murray), who manages a large company and has loaned Max money in the past, is seeing Ms. Cross. Although they're much more suited for each other in age, Max is madly jealous and sets out to destroy Herman who isn't too bad at defending himself.

Rushmore wasn't as painfully vapid as I expected it to be, and it had some lively scenes. Although I wasn't thrilled with Rushmore, it was just unusual enough to hold my attention, and had a nice pace - one thing after another just kept happening to Max.

If you're into silly high school comedies, this would be one to see.

My Rating = Two Stars

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