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Rush Hour



Rush Hour
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The Jackie Chan film Rush Hour is a delightful mix of comedy and martial arts action, although a trifle too heavy on the latter.

Jackie Chan is Lee, a Chinese cop, who is brought to the States by his old friend, the Chinese Consulate. The Consulate's daughter had been kidnapped, and he wants Lee's help to return her home safely. However, FBI agents on the case want no interference from Lee, and enlist LAPD Officer Carter (Chris Tucker) to occupy Lee while they work on the case.

This doesn't work out too well. Carter does not enjoy "babysitting", and he can't seem to keep Lee out of trouble anyway - which results in hilarious mayhem. In one scene, Tucker explains that he's ashamed to work for the LAPD. "Even my mother's ashamed of me," he laments. "She tells everyone I'm a drug dealer." That just cracks you up.

So will many other scenes, although you may find your mind wandering a bit during the action sequences. For the most part, however, there's enough comedy to keep the movie going at a quick, laughable pace. Thanks to Chris Tucker, this is not strictly a movie for martial arts fans - anyone who likes to laugh will enjoy it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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