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Runaway Bride



Runaway Bride
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Most capable actors Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are teamed up again in Runaway Bride, and are undeniably excellent.

This time, Gere is Ike, a columnist for USA Today (I wonder how much they paid to get their paper used in this film?). Roberts is Maggie, one of Ike's subjects. With some slightly altered information gleaned from a drunk he meets in a bar, Ike refers to Maggie as a "man-eater". True, she has ditched several guys at the altar, but Ike shows poor journalistic skill in not getting the facts straight. Fired for this oversight, he heads to Maggie's small town to get the "real story", in a desperate attempt to also get his job back.

As you might guess, Maggie and Ike eventually get romantic, although at first she hates his guts (understandably).

Some scenes were highly reminiscent of Pretty Woman, and appeared almost an altered version. For example, in one scene Maggie goes shopping for a wedding dress, is insulted by the store clerk, and Ike steps in to help. Remind you of the Pretty Woman scene where Roberts' hooker character goes shopping in Beverly Hills?

Although the ending was obvious, it didn't keep Runaway Bride from being entertaining. While this is a wonderfully amusing romantic comedy, I also thought Runaway Bride took an interesting look inside a writer's mind with Ike. It's a shame he wasn't more realistic - what big time columnist would be stupid enough to print something based on hearsay? Still, I enjoyed Runaway Bride, and highly recommend it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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