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Rumble in the Bronx



Runble in the Bornx
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In Rumble in the Bronx Jackie Chan takes you on a humorous adventure in Manhattan.

Keong has come to New York to attend his uncle's wedding. When his uncle sells the small, grocery store to an attractive young woman and leaves on his honeymoon, Jackie decides to stick around and watch the store - and try to catch the new owner's interest. Meanwhile, he runs into another beautiful girl who is taking care of her wheelchair-bound younger brother. One day a bunch of gangsters running from the cops hide some stolen diamonds in the little boy's wheelchair cushion. Not knowing this, his sister buys him a new cushion, and the old one containing all the diamonds, gets stuffed under her couch. Therefore, they now become targets for the gangsters, and the FBI. Fortunately, this is a Jackie Chan picture, so Keong can kick and punch his way out of anything - including surrendering the diamonds to the gangsters. In one entertaining scene, a punk invites him to kiss his you -know -what, and Keong, thinking fast, grabs an antenna off of a nearby car and stabs the guy's you -know-what with it. This kind of action continues for the duration of the movie, and never fails to amuse.

My Rating = Four Stars

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