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A Night at the Roxbury



A Night at the Roxbury
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A Night at the Roxbury is just the movie to see if you're in a bad mood.

Ten minutes after leaving the theatre I was still laughing, albeit in a crowded restaurant. For some reason the choice of salad dressings struck me as hilarious, and the waiter, obviously new at his job and a little nervous, was looking at me like I was the Crazy Customer from Hell he'd been warned about.)

Yes, A Night at the Roxbury does have that effect on you. Starring Doug Butabi (Chris Kattan) and Steve Butabi (Will Ferrell), those two unforgettable Saturday Night Live characters, this film features stupid stunts, lots of dance music, and more stupid stunts.

As you probably know if you watch them on TV, Steve and Doug have their own style of dancing - yeah, it's the head bop thing, you can get a crick in your neck just watching them do it - their own style of partying - and working. In other words, they're lazy idiots. But, hey, they're likeable lazy idiots. Their future goal is to own a nightclub - mainly because the doorman won't let them into the fancy Roxbury club. Meanwhile, they work at their father's fake plant store, and, although they are in their mid-twenties, they still live at home.

With the exception of those "old fogies" that are Saturday Night Live fans, this film will appeal to a younger generation. My mother didn't appreciate this movie half as much as I did, but then she doesn't like loud music or Dumb and Dumber type movies.

My Rating = Three Stars

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