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For a Matt Damon movie, Rounders was surprisingly....average.

Damon plays Mike, a law student and compulsive gambler who finally quits playing poker after he risks and loses it all - big-time. He promises his girlfriend he won't play again, and doesn't - at least for a while.

Then an old friend gets out of jail, and persuades Mike to start playing poker again. After vouching for his in-debt friend, Mike finds that he's in major trouble too, and they both take a beating. To pay back the money that they now owe, they decide to....play poker!

Although Matt Damon is a good actor, not to mention nice to look at, he can't do much with this role. You never find out the reason he is so obsessed with gambling, and there isn't much character development for any of the characters! The only intelligent person in this movie is Mike's girlfriend, who promptly ditches him when he starts gambling again.

If you just want to watch a bunch card players for more than two hours straight, then this is the movie for you. Mainly because of Damon, it held my attention longer than it normally would have, but it still seemed too long. And if you don't understand poker very well, expect to be confused.

My Rating = Two Stars

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