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Long movies can seem short, if they're interesting - and some long movies can seem even longer if they're not!

That's the story with Rosewood, a lengthy so-called drama (based on a true story) set in the early nineteen - hundreds. After a white woman is beaten by her husband, she runs out into the town screaming hysterically that she was raped and beaten by a black man. The already prejudiced town then goes on a manhunt, beating and killing innocent African-Americans, causing others to flee the town before they too are wrongly accused and killed. The number of African-Americans killed becomes astronomical, with only one white man inclined to help them.

There are several subplots, including romances, a second wife trying to make her new stepsons like her, and so on, nothing too diverting. But the movie drags itself along at roughly the pace of a very old horse.

I expected Rosewood to be something like the more engaging Ghosts of the Mississippi (another story based on truth), which it certainly wasn't.

My Rating = Two Stars

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