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While Ronin has some great high-speed car chase scenes, it is, for the most part, terribly tepid and dull.

Robert DeNiro and everyone else in the movie are all after a metal case that contains god-knows-what. Apparently, somebody desperately needs whatever is in the case and has sent an Irish woman to claim it. She in turn hired DeNiro and several others to help her get her hands on the blasted thing. They speed around in cars - occasionally crashing into things - shoot at a lot of people, and even detonate a few bombs.

Although I liked a couple of the car chases, all the action quickly became monotonous. And in between the action, they talk, talk, talk, about nothing, nothing, nothing. Some old guy tells DeNiro about the "ronin" or soldiers who have failed to protect their masters and are disgraced. Apparently this is supposed to apply to DeNiro and the other characters, but it fails to have any emotional impact. There is no character development, and little substance to this movie. Ronin is only for those with extremely short attention spans.

My Rating = Two Star

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