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I'm trying to be objective here. I'm really trying. I know RocketMan is a "family movie" and that it's going to be a big hit with little kids. But I hated it!

In general, the acting was so pathetic it couldn't even be called acting. They looked like they were reading their lines off cue cards!

Not that the plot deserves any kudos for brilliancy. A computer engineer for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Fred Randall, is sent to Mars with two other vaguely more intelligent astronauts. Fred messes up everything. He pulls one ridiculously impossible stunt after another. Maybe there's something wrong with me - most of the other people in the audience were laughing. But I just couldn't find anything amusing about it. Their brand of humor (mostly stupid stunts and jokes about flatulence) might have appealed to me when I was in third grade, but it sure doesn't now. I don't even need to point out why a guy like Fred would never make the space program. It should be obvious.

If your kids want to go see it, send them with their friends.

My Rating = One Star

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