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Risky Business



Risky Business
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The movie Risky Business is so old, Tom Cruise is barely recognizable, but his acting is as good as ever.

Cruise plays a high school senior whose parents leave him alone for a week, so a friend decides to send a prostitute to his house. While Cruise is trying to dig up some money to pay her, she steals his mother's prized possession, a rather expensive glass egg. Cruise and his friends chase her, trying to get the egg back, and they wind up in more trouble and he accidentally sinks his father's expensive car in a lake. What a mess! The hooker convinces him to set up his friends with her friends (all prostitutes too, of course) and offers to split the profits with him.

This absurd film was quite entertaining, even more so than some of Cruise's later films, such as Mission Impossible. And Tom Cruise was even better looking when he was younger, too - I think I'll rent some of his other early movies, if I figure out which ones they were.

My Rating = Three Stars

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