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For Richer or Poorer



For Richer or Poorer
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Tim Allen is his usual jocular self in the noteworthy new comedy, For Richer or Poorer which depicts money as the essence of life itself.

Allen plays rich and materialistic Brad Sexton, and Kirstie Alley, (also a terrific comedian) is well cast as Brad's equally, if not more, materialistic wife. When they finally decide, on their tenth wedding anniversary, to get a divorce, they run into a small problem: their sniveling and dishonest accountant has embezzled money, caused them to be audited, resulting in the IRS shooting at Brad on a busy street corner. Now the FBI is after them, and they are forced to flee New York City - together, nonetheless - until their attorney can straighten things out. While searching for a place to hide out, they stumble upon an old-fashioned Amish community in Pennsylvania, and their problems are solved - or so it seems. Soon they are working hard hours on the farm, rising at an uncivilized hour (four-thirty A.M., can you imagine?), and bickering constantly, while trying to maintain an "Amish" attitude and appearance so their real identities won't be discovered.

Allen and Alley have good chemistry in this movie, and the other actors are also well cast. Perhaps I just like this movie because I'm a big Tim Allen fan, but everyone else in the theatre seemed to enjoy it too, and we were all roaring with laughter for the full two hours.

At the end, outtakes are included for your further enjoyment, and almost everyone stayed to watch these.

My Rating = Four Stars

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