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And I thought Sylvester Stallone was out of place in Copland as a depressed sheriff! In Rhinestone, Stallone plays a New York cab driver who becomes a country singer at the urging of his new girlfriend Jake (Dolly Parton). Jake has made a bet with her boss at a country music bar that she can turn any average person into a "Rhinestone cowboy", and Stallone just happens to be the first "average guy" she spots.

When he doesn't seem to be getting the hang of country singing, she takes him back to her home in a small Tennesee town, where he tries to perform what looks like a lousy impression of Elvis. Naturally no one is impressed, and Jake doesn't have time to turn him into a cowboy.

There are a few amusing scenes, most of which involve Stallone attempting to fit in with "country people", but the plot is sketchy and unrealistic. At least in Copland, Stallone showed he had some acting talent. In this movie, he looks like an average guy that someone pulled off the street and tried to turn into an actor.

My Rating = Two Stars

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