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Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion



Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
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Friends is a great tv show, and its actors seem to do even better in movies. Jennifer Anniston was excellent in Picture Perfect; Lisa Kudrow is sensational in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.

This goofy friendship flick stars Kudrow as the aforementioned Michelle and Mira Sorvino as her roommate, Romy. Incidentally, Sorvino should have stuck to funny films such as these and left the cheesy sci-fi stuff (e.g., this summer's Mimic) up to the people who can't act. Her talent is much better displayed here.

Romy and Michelle, are a bit disgruntled about returning to their home town for their high school reunion. While most of their former classmates are very successful (Janeane Garofalo is hilariously amusing as an incredibly rude businesswoman), they have done little. Romy is a salesclerk; Michelle doesn't even have a job. Still, they are determined to impress everyone at the reunion (and possibly stir up romances with old boyfriends) so they take the trip, debating about the best lie to tell as they go.

Unfortunately, as always happens in buddy comedies, they get in an argument about halfway through the movie, and it looks as though they may not be friends anymore by the time they arrive. How can they impress anyone if their lies don't coincide?

Rent this comically dense film today for loads of laughs. Better yet, watch it with a friend.

My Rating = Four Stars

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