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Return to Paradise



Return to Paradise
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Return to Paradise is not the most original movie - it reminded me too much of Red Corner- but it is worth seeing.

Three college-age guys are vacationing in Malaysia, where they smoke a lot of hashish and decide not to return a bicycle they rented. Two of them return to the states after their trip, but Louis, an environmentalist, stays behind to work on an orangutan project.

The day after his friends leave, Lewis is arrested for drug possession, when the man who rented them the bicycle shows up with the cops. They never find the bicycle, but they do find an awful lot of hashish.

Two years later, Lewis is still in a primitive Malaysian jail, and if his friends don't return and serve their time, he will be hanged. Now it's up to his lawyer (Anne Heche) to convince them.

The acting was adequate, and the story held my attention, but there was nothing really spectacular about Return to Paradise. I figured out the ending about halfway through, and the story dragged on a bit longer than it had to.

My Rating = Two Stars

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