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The Replacement Killers



The Replacement Killers
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After being disappointed by Mira Sorvino's last film, Mimic - a slime-dominated science-fiction thriller with equally low amounts of plot and appeal - The Replacement Killers proved tastefully done and better showcased Sorvino's talent.

Sorvino co-stars as Meg Coburn with Chinese actor Yun Fat Chow, as John Lee, an assassin who refuses to kill a cop's son. Forced to flee the country to China (it never mentions what county he's in to start with), he needs a fake passport. That's where Sorvino comes in - having begun a life of crime as a teen, her character now specializes in creating such passports. When Yun-Fat's character shows up (with the assassins directly behind him), she winds up smack in the middle. Soon, they are both trying to protect the child he was supposed to kill, and many unbelievable but engaging action scenes occur. And, of course, they fall for each other, as always happens in such movies.

The Replacement Killers is a well-plotted film and the acting is superb. (Hopefully Sorvino has abandoned cheesy sci-fi flicks for good!) I would have liked to know more about what corrupted her character at such a young age, but I guess you can't expect an action movie to be too deep. It was highly entertaining, and will probably be especially appealing to Jackie Chan fans.

My Rating = Three Stars

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