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The Relic



The Relic
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The Relic is your classic monster movie: lots of screaming people, cheesy special effects, and of course, your big, hairy, reptilian monster. If you like that type of movie, The Relic will please you, but I thought it lacked originality.

An evolutionary biologist, Margo Green works at a museum studying old bones, relics, rare plants, etc. Upon receiving a box filled with nothing but leaves from Brazil, she scrapes some sort of fungus from the leaves and sends it to the museum lab. Without her knowledge, the fungus evolves into - congratulations, you win the million dollar prize, you guessed right! - a MONSTER. After a body is discovered, police search the building, and are almost forced to stop an enormous exhibit opening at the museum. Upon pressure from the mayor, they reluctantly allow the curators to proceed with the gala exhibition party - to which no less than the mayor himself has been invited - and disaster ensues when the monster makes a guest appearance.

If you are actually curious about how the movie turns out, go ahead and rent it, but don't expect a profoundly creative plot, or special effects that are any more than ordinary.

My Rating = Two Stars

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