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Regarding Henry



Regarding Henry
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A very young Harrison Ford stars in Regarding Henry, one of his much earlier - and better - films.

For one thing, Ford has quite a character to play in Regarding Henry. Henry is a successful lawyer with the warmth and emotion of a hardened criminal. You have to wonder what his wife (Annette Bening) sees in him.

Then, a tragic shooting leaves Henry comatose and brain-damaged. Although he does wake up, he doesn't recognize his wife and daughter, and has lost the ability to speak or walk. After much physical therapy, he learns to speak and walk all over again, but he still remembers only fragments of his old life. When he goes home, and later returns to his job, he basically has to start from scratch. But he develops a more open and caring personality than he did before, and becomes a much more honorable person (he gives up law because he no longer wants to be dishonest). Talk about character development! Harrison Ford performs this role so well that you have to wonder why he took that ridiculous and pointless part in Star Wars.

My Rating = Three Stars

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