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The Ref



The Ref
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This is one of those movies where you keep exclaiming, "I know someone exactly like that," or "I did the same thing!" It's about how your family can drive you crazy - or worse.

A criminal is minding his own business, kidnapping a couple, when he realizes he's made a terrible mistake. Even though their lives may be in danger, they still bicker constantly about the littlest things. (This is preceded by an hilarious scene in a marriage counselor's office.) When the criminal forces them to take him home, their rebellious teenage son Jesse, and a variety of other relatives, each individually entertaining, show up, and the criminal pretends to be the couple's counselor. Before you know it, everyone is screaming insults at each other. (I was laughing hysterically.)

And, oh yes, a drunk neighbor gets mad, and joins in the brawl. And Jesse is quite the little criminal himself, hiding stolen money under a loose floorboard. In fact, he wants to join up with the criminal holding him hostage!

Rent this hilarious holiday movie for the holidays - it beats It's a Wonderful Life.

My Rating = Four Stars

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