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The Thin Red Line



The Thin Red Line
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Do you know what really annoys me? When movie previews state, "starring big-stars so-and-so and so-and-so", then deliver a movie which features those actors in such small cameo roles that if you blink, you might just miss them entirely.

Such is the problem with The Thin Red Line, an intolerably boring, three-hour World War II rip-off of Saving Private Ryan. I thought I was going to see John Travolta and George Clooney in big roles. Instead, they appeared for five minutes each. An unfamiliar actor that I didn't recognize (Adrien Brody) portrayed the main character, Cpl. Fife a woeful, overly philosophical World War II soldier who faithfully writes long, "What is this world coming to?" type letters to his beloved wife. She eventually writes back to inform him that she's fallen in love with another man and wants a divorce. Boy, did I see that coming. Rule of thumb for movie characters: if you truly love someone, if you're really devoted to them heart and soul, it's guaranteed that they're going find someone else and dump you when you least expect it.

And as I mentioned earlier, The Thin Red Line is a very dull version of Saving Private Ryan. The action lacks interest, and this movie is way too heavy on the philosophy. The same message - let's have world peace, let's not kill each other, duh!- could have been delivered in much less time and a lot fewer words.

My Rating = Two Stars

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