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Red Corner
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Red Corner, which is about China's foreign policies might make you feel proud to be an American, but offers little else in the way of entertainment. While the acting was convincing (especially on the parts of Bai Ling and Richard Gere), it still couldn't make up for the weak plot and lame action scenes. And the ending - as well as the entire course of the movie - was painfully obvious from about fifteen minutes into the movie, which is exactly where I lost interest.

Gere plays businessman Jack Moore, whose satellite company is trying to close a big deal with Chinese bigshots, some of whom do not welcome western entertainment. One night he invites a model up to his hotel room; the next morning he wakes up accused of her murder, as her body was found still in his room, and he was the only suspect. He was also pretty darn drunk, so no one expects him to remember whether he killed her or not, although he swears he's innocent. From there on out, the story drags on about Chinese laws and policies for foreigners. Bai Ling is his appointed attorney (American attorneys can't practice in China) and she informs him that to plead innocent is an almost certain death penalty in China. The movie continues with the question of "Who killed her?" looming overhead, the answer pathetically obvious. The fast Chinese dialect and hard-to-hear translations don't make it any more fun.

My Rating = One Star

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