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Ready to Rumble
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Although I'm not a fan of wrestling, I found Ready to Rumble to be a hilarious wrestling spoof.

In a way, Ready to Rumble is also a Dumb and Dumber type movie, and a buddy comedy. Two friends, Gordie (David Arquette) and Sean (Scott Caan), are huge fans of wrestler Kris Kane (Oliver Platt). Their dream is to meet Kane, whom they idolize. When Kane is beaten at a wrestling match and his career takes a nosedive, they go on a trek to find and revive him.

All the characters in Ready to Rumble are hysterically funny for their stupidity; Platt's drunken Kane is terrific, and Arquette and Caan also draw numerous laughs.

Audio VersionThis is a "leave your brains at the door" kind of movie. Analyzing the plot from a technical, intellectual point of view would be impossible. If you're a fan of bathroom humor, juvenile jokes, and inexplicably comical mindless drivel, Ready to Rumble is definitely your movie. Although I felt idiotic, nevertheless, I laughed all the way through this film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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