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If you were a rich tycoon who dishonestly acquired most of your money but still had something of a conscience, and your young son was kidnapped by a jealous cop, would you pay two million dollars to get him back? And what if you discovered, that even if you pay, the kidnappers still might not let your kid go? Would you risk having your son killed if you weren't sure your harebrained plan to get him back would work? And would you go against your wife and even the FBI's advice to make it work? In Ransom, the excellent Mel Gibson picture, Tom Mullen (Gibson) is faced with just that decision.

Gibson's acting is terrific, and the plot is catching enough, but Mullen's morals fall a little flat with me. When you discover that he paid off blackmailers with millions of dollars to save his airline, but won't part with a measly two million to save his son - despite his protests that he'd pay more than that if he thought it would really save his son - you start to wonder if this guy doesn't deserve what he's getting. Even though he seems genuinely concerned about his son's welfare, let's not forget that he was in on some crooked deals. It's impossible to pity a criminal who's on the same level - almost - as his son's kidnappers.

Mullen's scheme is a crazily concocted, a risky proposition that you can't expect to work. However, I must admit my eyes were glued to the screen when he undertook his mission and the scriptwriters succeeded in keeping me in suspense. Mullen may lack good morals, but this movie raked in the millions, since Ransom was entertaining enough to overshadow most other films unfortunate enough to share the box office with it. If you missed it in theaters, be sure to rent the video.

My Rating = Three Stars

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