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The Rage: Carrie 2



The Rage: Carrie 2
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Compared to the first Carrie, the second movie was patently more modern, slightly more grisly and violent, and altogether, it was almost as cleverly dexterous.

Carrie's follower, a grungy, stereotypically "nineties" teen named Rachel (Emily Bergl) has inherited the same extraordinarily astounding telekinetic capabilities. Which means that she can also destroy buildings and, consequently, people, with the sheer force of her mind. Naturally, such extreme occurrences happen only about once in a lifetime - usually, at the end of that life, as happened with Carrie.

Sue Snell (Amy Irving), who is not only the current school counselor but also a woman partially responsible for the original disaster with Carrie, now tries to help Rachel. In her opinion, Rachel should be admitted to some bizarre-powers testing facility and studied like a lab rat. Who can blame Rachel for refusing Sue's offer? However, one gets the impression that the unappealing nature of Sue's proposition isn't the only reason Rachel refuses. Implied is a deep-seated psychological need to be normal, to be free of her startling, unasked for, and sometimes frustrating powers.

Meanwhile, her classmates plan a cruel, similar stunt that was pulled on Carrie: they set Rachel up to temporarily believe she is popular, then embarrass her outrageously. This involves secretly video taping her in bed with her boyfriend Jesse (not to his knowledge, as we find out only at the end). Later, they show the tape at a huge party, leading Rachel to believe that Jesse was only using her and doesn't really love her (he does). What follows - stop here if you don't already have a lucid idea of the end and want to be surprised - is a fiery deathtrap inferno much like the first movie. (This one, however, is more elaborately done.) As Carrie went down in her blaze, so does Rachel go down in hers.

The only major flaw of this film is its lack of credibility, which can be explained by saying that the producers attempted to make it too much of a modern teen scream film. The characters, for example, are almost comically ridiculous as someone's misconstrued idea of "realistic teen characters". Some characters are not only far from reality but also one-dimensional, serving as something like living, breathing, stage props. Rachel, Sue, and Jesse, at least, have some emotional depth.

My last gripe: Why couldn't the producers find an appropriate place for a tampon- tossing scene (vintage the first Carrie) in this film?

All said, The Rage: Carrie 2 really wasn't a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. It was captivating, the guilty parties got their due at the end, and the acting was for the most part convincing. I wouldn't be nit-picking it if I didn't find myself constantly comparing it to the original.

My Rating = Three Stars

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