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Race the Sun



Race the Sun
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In Race the Sun a group of unlikely high school students "from the poorer side of town" in Hawaii build a solar car - just for a local race. Unexpectedly, they win the local race - and go on to an international race in Australia. They encounter many problems as they run the grueling seven day race across the huge continent of Australia - including bad, oh so bad, sportmanship from their competitors, drinking and personal problems of one of their own drivers, jealousy between the students, the teacher's (Halle Berry) problems with her ex, extremely hot temperatures, - and more. A collaboration of problems! Most important, will they win the big race?

Race the Sun kept me "on the edge of my seat"... It is especially good for moviegoers who like races and movies about winning/losing - and being a good sport, no matter what. And, by the way, Mom & Dad, unlike other true stories, it wasn't boring!

My Rating = Three Stars

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