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Apt Pupil



Apt Pupil
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Stephen King movies are always so clever. Such is the case with Apt Pupil, based on one of his novellas.

Sixteen year old Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro ) manages to track down former Nazi Kurt Dussander (Ian McKellen) responsible for the death of about ninety thousand Jews - even though the FBI hasn't been able to find him. (Yeah, right.) Now an old man, Dussander lives near Todd, so it's a great setup for blackmail.

That's right, although Todd has proof that he could get Dussander deported and tried for war crimes, he is perfectly willing to keep quiet about it if the old guy will tell him all the horrible war stories. Now the audience gets to play the fun guessing game, "Who's more twisted?" with these characters!

I found Apt Pupil captivating, although I would have liked a logical explanation for the boy's obsession by the end. The acting, however, was superb, and the scenes were well played out. Even though there was nothing really supernatural in Apt Pupil, it is an excellent, spooky movie to see this Halloween - or anytime.

My Rating = Three Stars

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