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The Proof of Life



Proof of Life
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Proof of Life is really proof of Hollywood's desperation for any kind of movie script, no matter how lame - apparently, they'll make a movie out of any plot, no matter how familiar.

Meg Ryan's husband is kidnapped at random by a South American mafia - the complicated reasons involve a damn that no one wants to build. Russell Crowe is the K&R (Kidnapping and Ransom) agent sent to rescue hubby. Sparks begin to fly, and soon Ryan and Crowe have a romance going. Meanwhile, her somewhat forgotten husband remains very kidnapped. This continues for months.

Proof of Life is no different, certainly not original, from most of the other action "thrillers" I've seen recently. Ryan and Crowe are great in the emotional scenes plus Crowe is nice to look at - at least this time they didn't cover his whole body with klutzy armor, as in Gladiator. However, Proof of Life remains typical, and not particularly interesting.

The plot is hardly captivating, and the characters get tiresome - pretty fast. Proof of Life is far from a spectacular story, and in most cases proves predictable.

My Rating = Two Stars

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