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Problem Child



Problem Child
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Junior is a "problem child". He drives the nuns at the orphanage crazy. He is pen pals with a jailed convict. And two unsuspecting idiots adopt him.

That would be John (John Ritter) and Florence. John really wants to be a dad. Florence really wants to be invited to kids' birthday parties and become popular with all the other parents in their neighborhood. At first she is against adoption - as she puts it, "I don't wear second hand clothes, and I don't want a second-hand kid" - but John talks her into it. And so they adopt Junior, the child from hell.

John takes Junior camping with some friends. Junior baits a live bear to the campfire, just when John's friend is dressing up in a bear suit to scare everyone. Guess what happens.

Junior is invited to a little girl's birthday party, which he promptly wrecks. And then, just when you think nothing else can go wrong - his convict friend shows up!

Junior's new parents are almost as amusing as he is. John is almost pathetically nice - and a bit naive, at least at first. Florence is so self centered that she really deserves what the little brat dishes out. And John's crooked politician father is a big joke himself. Problem Child is not the best comedy ever, but it is entertaining dumb fun.

My Rating = Two Stars

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