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Primary Colors



Primary Colors
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Here's the latest movie trend, as I see it: political comedies. It started with the immensely popular (and rightly so) Wag the Dog starring Dustin Hoffman. That hasn't even left theatres yet and we've got another: Primary Colors starring remarkably capable actor John Travolta.

Obviously aided by the recent Clinton scandal (and supposedly based loosely on his road to the presidency) the movie chronicles the presidential campaign of fictional southern governor Jack Stanton. Naturally Stanton has a close rival, and the two resort to mudslinging - and apparently there's an awful lot of mud to sling in Stanton's direction. A woman comes forward claiming to have had an affair with him. Stanton's campaign manager, Henry Burton (Adrian Lester), and amusing staff member Libby Holden (Kathy Bates) manage to disprove the woman's accusations. (Stanton's wife, played by Emma Thompson, apparently never doubted him.) Later on, however, a worse accusation is made privately - Stanton's teenage, African-American babysitter claims he got her pregnant.

What can I say? Travolta is such an incredibly diverse and amazingly convincing actor, that he truly becomes President Clinton.

Primary Colors is extremely well scripted. At several points, a scene provoked the audience to laugh so uproariously I couldn't hear the next ten seconds of dialogue!

My Rating = Four Stars

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