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Pretty Woman



Pretty Woman
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Pretty Woman is a "pretty" cute movie.

The main character is a prostitute named Vivian (Julia Roberts) who gets picked up on the street corner by a rich, tycoon businessman (Richard Gere). And they fall in love. Sure.

Despite the fact that this would never happen in real life, I have to give Roberts and Gere kudos for great performances. Also, I was particularly fond of a dinner table scene where Vivian doesn't exactly know how to eat a snail and it winds up flying through the air. V--room!

In spite of their vast differences, their impossible prostitute-tycoon romance blossoms.

The ending was totally unrealistic, and a little too Disney for me, with a-tying-up-the loose-ends-everything-is-all-right flavor, yet this movie was incredibly entertaining, with lots of humorous scenes.

My Rating = Three Stars

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