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The Preacher's Wife



The Preacher's Wife
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It's no surprise that The Preacher's Wife is a comedy and that Whitney Houston stars as the preacher's wife. Reverend Henry Biggs's wife, that is. Their church is about to be torn down and rebuilt in another neighborhood by an abominable man named Joe Hamilton. Naturally, Reverend Biggs prays to the lord for help. In response, the angel Dudley (Denzel Washington) arrives to help him. But does Dudley actually help or hinder him? Reverend Biggs gets jealous when Dudley seems to be taking his place. Soon Dudley is taking the Reverend's son shopping, and taking his wife out on a date - to the very place the Reverend proposed. Dudley is helping the Biggs pick a tree, and going ice-skating with them, etc, etc. It's "Dudley this", "Dudley that" ...Will Julia fall for Dudley? ( Who wouldn't? Dudley is portrayed by handsome Denzel Washington...)

This is a most pleasurable and enjoyable movie to view. I recommend it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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